Inuit (Eskimo) Textile Art Inunoo Carpet/Tapestry Antlers 1/6 - BLUEBERRY - by Ningiukulu Teevee

Antlers 1/6 - Blueberry

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A 5' x 7 Inuit Art Carpet/Tapestry consisting of 90% Himalayan Hand Spun Wool & 10% Silk yarn.  Hand Knotted, 100 knots/ per Sq. inch with a 4 & 5 mm cut pile height

Certified GoodWeave Trade Mark.         

Beweave It!
Weaving begins as a gift to the future. Inunoo Inuit Carpets is a licensed importer of GoodWeave-certified rugs. While consulting in the Arctic for the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative, textile designer and owner Doug Mantegna met legendary artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Now he has translated some of her famous “Shaman” print series and works by other Inuit artists into limited edition signed rugs, woven by Thailand and Nepalese weavers out of New Zealand and handspun wool and silk. Mantegna explains that in the language of Canada’s northern Inuit, inunoo means “of the people” and each rug design, created by a contemporary Inuit artist, speaks of Inuit cultural values. He says, “Those values — concern and care for the earth — fall right in line with everything GoodWeave supports

All Inuit Art carpets on this website, are produced in a series of either 6 or 8 of each design and are "One of a Kind" in their coloration, size, method and style of fabrication,(hand knotted or hand tufted) The design is retired after the series of carpets is completed.  Within the series, special orders for a custom colours and style and any 5' x 7' size or greater can be made. Please refer to our custom carpet site for further information or call 905-849-3770.

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