Textile Art Inunoo Carpet/Tapestry - Arctic Cotton1/6 FAWN -by Ningiukulu Teevee,Inuit (Eskimo)

Arctic Cotton 1/6 - Fawn

Hand knotted consisting of 90% Himalayan Hand Spun Wool and 10% Silk yarn in four colours in100 knts/ per sq.inch with 3 & 4 mm cut pile height. 

The carpet/tapestries are hand woven in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal by highly skilled Tibetan and Nepalese weavers who hand knot Swiss aniline dyed New Zealand wool onto cotton warps and wefts. Inunoo are supporters of “GoodWeave”, a global non-profit organization that assures child labor is not used in the manufacturing process of these carpet/tapestries.

 This 5' x 7 Inuit Art Carpet/Tapestry is suitable for floor or wall hanging with a supportive devise on the back side.

All Inuit Art carpets on this website, are produced in a series of either 6 or 8 of each design and are "One of a Kind" in their coloration, size, method and style of fabrication,(hand knotted or hand tufted) The design is retired after the series of carpets is completed.  Within the series, special orders for a custom colours and style and any 5' x 7' size or greater can be made. Please refer to our custom carpet site for further infomation or call 905-849-3770.



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