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Ningiukulu Teevee

Ningiukulu Teevee
Ningiukulu, born May 27, 1963, is the daughter of Joanasie Salomonie (deceased) and his wife Kanajuk. Her father, Joanasie, was a community leader and much loved in Cape Dorset for his sense of humour, mischief and compassion. Ningiukulu now devotes her full time to her family and to her drawing, which she does at home.

Ninguikulu is steadily emerging as a versatile and intelligent graphic artist. She is becoming more prolific as her experience and confidence grow, and is comfortable with both traditional and more contemporary themes and approaches.

She has a graphic style of drawing that relates to textiles like no other Inuit artist. Inunoo has chosen several of her works for scarves and now hand woven carpets.

“Nightly Churring” is a new pleated scarf in three colour-ways. “Ptarmigan” and"Inukshuk" designs are a series of 6, "One of a Kind" hand tufted carpets . Her new carpet design "Arctic Cotton" is currently for sale.