Custom Carpets - How to Order | Inunoo Textiles

Step 1:
Choose a Carpet design from our custom carpet gallery or (we can also assist you in selecting another Inuit design of your choice).

Step 2:
Specify dimensions 5’ wide x 7’ long or greater.

Step 3:
Select colours from both woven colours or the custom yarn sample based on the Pantone colour ranges.

Step 4:
Order a strike off (woven 18” x18” sample) of the proposed new carpet to confirm specifications. Cost required and refunded upon purchase.


Step 5:
Depending on the fineness of the weave or tufting of the design, number of colours, and yarn types, the delivery of a custom order takes approximately  8 weeks.

Step 6:
Approximate cost per square foot is $125.00 USA. Direct Shipping depending on location is extra from source of manufacturing. A 30% deposit is required. We do not have hand weavers here in Canada. All the carpets are made in Nepal or Thailand and imported.  Carpets are sold in $USA. 

All Inuit Art carpets on this website, are produced in a series of either 6 or 8 of each design and are "One of a Kind" in their coloration, size, method and style of fabrication,(hand knotted or hand tufted) The design is retired after the series of carpets is completed. Within the series, special orders for a custom colours and style and any 5' x 7' size or greater can be made. Please contact us or call 905-849-3770 for further information or to place an order.